Elastic belts
The elastic belt : a touch of colour to brighten an outfit

Ceinture élastique

Sometimes overlooked, the belt is one of the most important accessories in your outfit. It is not only useful but it also gives your outfit a nice look.

First, you must find out which belt best fits your body-type. To do this, have a look at our article The Art and Manner of Choosing a Belt. A belt that fits poorly can be very unflattering to your figure.

Once you have chosen the correct length (or height) of your belt, find a material and color that will go well with your ensemble. Our first article, previously mentioned, will guide you in choosing the best possible combinations for your own unique style and body type.

With belts that are not just simple and plain, leave it up to your imagination to find the right type of elastic belt for you ! Pay attention to style though. In order to choose the right belt, keep in mind the overall color of the outfit.

Two basic rules for a well-balanced look
1 - The three color rule

Simplicity is the key to elegance. Every guy who follows this rule knows that adding more colors is never good. For perfect harmony, it is advised to limit your ensembles to 3 colors, with one dominant color. That will give your outfit some depth.

On the other hand though, a monochromatic style isn't recommended either.

2 - The play of light and dark tones

layer with darker colors underneath. Although considered less often, this rule remains just as important as the first. When the color of your vest is hard to match, this rule will make things a lot easier.

Breaking this rule is fine when you are going for a summer look.

Color Combinations
The Color Wheel

When using color combinations, consult a Color Wheel which consists of primary colors and their ranges, along with secondary colors and tertiary colors, etc., you will be able to identify complementary colors and avoid any stylic errors :

- Grey, blue and brown are classic colors that will allow you to temper your outfit.

- Burgundy and green or other pastel colors allow you to integrate a little color with minimal risk.

- red, electric blue, intense orange, apple green, and yellow are bright colors which should be used with softer and more neutral ones. Use them with caution.

To help you, here are two essential rules

- Contrast : Combine two complementary colors such as purple and yellow, green and red...

- Shades : Use of colors that are close on the color wheel, belonging to the same color range

Our Tips

You are now ready to choose the perfect belt for your outfit.

In summer, don’t be afraid to use more colors than normal. Here are some interesting combinations to use as much as you would like

- Sweet Pink with : dark brown, light brown, aqua green, olive green, grey

- Light Brown with : pale yellow, cream, blue, green, red

- Dark Brown with : citrus yellow, sky blue, apple green

- Orange with : grey, pine green, brown

- Cherry Red (= strawberry belt ?) with : blue, grey, pale yellow

- Pine Green (= forrest green belt ?) with : orange, light brown, and beige

- Turquoise Blue with : fuchsia, cherry red, beige, brown, cream

- Sea Blue with : beige, brown, grey, yellow, orange, green, red

- Purple with : beige, light yellow, turquoise, aqua green

You will find all these elastic belt models and many others, on our website The Belt Factory.

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